Executive Coaching and Organization Development Services

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About Wilder Consulting

Wilder Consulting’s goal is to help individuals experience more success in their careers, develop high-performing leaders and teams, and support companies to better manage change. Sally has been successfully coaching and developing leaders at more than 100 companies for over 25 years. She is well-known for being deeply insightful and perceptive.

Sally Wilder (she/her)

Sally founded Wilder Consulting in 1991. She specializes in executive coaching and organization development for startups to large corporations. With extensive knowledge of human behavior and organizational effectiveness, she gets to the heart of any matter through in-depth analysis and skillful communication. She effectively coaches company leaders, enabling them to guide their teams confidently and capably.

Sally received a BA in Sociology from Indiana University. She holds a Master’s degree from San Jose State University and is a graduate of University Associates, as well as a Certified Trainer in Organization Development, Situational Leadership, Hogan Assessments and MBTI, Myers-Briggs. She was a facilitator for the Interpersonal Dynamics Course in the MBA program at Stanford University.

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Wilder Consulting’s CEO coaching focuses on understanding individual leadership style, management requirements, organization structure, and effective communication. Team issues are sensitively addressed and 360º feedback is provided from board members and team.

A systematic approach to leadership development enables executives to understand their strengths and areas for improvement. Working on a development plan and receiving ongoing coaching ensures executive growth in identified areas.

Wilder Consulting brings a holistic approach when coaching individuals to experience more fulfillment in their lives and careers. Clients seek out this type of coaching for support during transitions, career changes, burn-out, interpersonal challenges at work, and a wide range of other issues. We support our clients in feeling more spaciousness and creativity around the issues they are struggling with.

Wilder Consulting supports the in-depth considerations and processes around timing of succession and identifying competencies with potential candidates for critical C-suite positions They also work with the team on the effective onboarding and integration of new leaders.

Wilder Consulting employs a systematic approach in executive hiring. They understand the importance of engaging with the distinct stakeholders in the process so that they feel committed to a unified and structured hiring process. They support the decision makers in a robust assessment of potential new hires.

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“Sally has coached several executive level and high-potential team members at Performant. She has an uncanny way of simplifying business problems into their component parts, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of people, and isolating hurdles that are not readily visible. Sally’s coaching style is versatile, honest, and appropriately direct; moreover, she quickly assesses the “core” of a person. We view Sally as the best investment we’ve made in helping our executives grow.”

Lisa IM, CEO and Board Chair

“Sally was an amazing coach. I worked with her on several projects across several start-ups where we wanted to help promising up-and-coming managers grow and develop. We were very pleased with the results and the people Sally coached were very pleased with the process. Sally cares deeply about helping each individual that she is coaching and is able to make a strong connection based on trust. She tends to help them both in actualizing their strengths and also in addressing their development areas. She also understands that the goal is actual behavioral change and she has developed the process and patience it takes to get there. I, and my team, highly recommend Sally as an executive coach.”

Omar Tawakol, Founder and CEO

“Sally helped me to find my leadership values. It turns out they didn’t need “finding” as much as they needed “revealing.” That is, they were always within me but clouded by years of conventional management training. She helped me to “unlearn” the conventional ways and find the leadership style that is authentically me.”

Eric Colson, CAO

“I have engaged Sally at 3 companies over 7 years. She is an effective executive coach who deftly handles individuals in a range of phases of their executive development. I would not hesitate to use her liberally and in the future.”

Paul L. Meissner, Ph.D., CEO

“Sally is a passionate, committed, caring, thoughtful, and most importantly tough coach. She gives real advice, sometimes with tough feedback, and concrete action items. She isn’t afraid to tell someone that they are acting out of line with corporate values, and she doesn’t lower her standards or her expectations. I’m thrilled to call her a major influence on my career, a colleague, and mentor and friend.”

Garient Evans, Vice President of Client Services

“I am a better person because of her coaching, not just as a technology/business leader, but also as a husband and father. To those that have worked with her, Sally is a gift of wisdom, compassion and also rigorously challenges some of our deeply held beliefs that might be holding us back from reaching excellence in our calling. Word of caution: be prepared to dig deep, it might not always feel good, but her coaching method has always left me more competent and aware as a leader.”

Moudy Elbayadi, Ph.D., EVP

“I now have a clear understanding of my personality “blind spots” as they relate to my professional effectiveness and communication. By understanding these “blind spots” and identifying tool and techniques to overcome them, I have increased my effectiveness as a leader working with multiple functions and constituencies both within and outside the company. By understanding the blind spots of other executive members, our team can now work through issues much more rapidly and concisely as much less data is lost or wasted due to poor communication.”

William Gossman, CEO

“Sally is a talented listener, and is quick to separate signal from noise and to challenge thinking in the effort to arrive at truth. She has an excellent understanding of human nature and reads well beyond obvious interpretations to arrive at insightful and, I believe, accurate conclusions.”

Ian Smith, Vice President, Division GM

“Sally never pulls any punches and she has an impressive way of getting to the heart of the matter in a short period of time. Her open communication and commitment to the individuals she works with are unmatched.”

Frank A. Tycksen, Founder, CTO

“I was able to set aside my own sometimes confrontational and defensive posture to work with other team members on a one-on-one basis. Sally is extremely patient and will work at a problem from many angles to try to solve it.”

Michel Floyd, Sc.D, Director Consumer Experience Engineering