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CEO Support
Focus is on individual leadership style, management requirements, organization structure, and effective communication. Team issues are sensitively addressed, 360º feedback is provided from board members and staff.

Executive Development and Leadership Coaching
A systematic approach that enables executives to understand their strengths and areas in need of development. Working with executives on a development plan and providing ongoing coaching, ensures growth in the identified areas.

Management Consultation for New and Mature Companies
Helping companies develop the abilities of the management team, facilitate the relationship between founders and executives, and manage growth or downsizing while maintaining a stable infrastructure.

Team Development
Improving the communication and decision making skills of the senior management group and functional teams, to ensure that roles and responsibilities are clear and to help develop mutual support of one another to realize the goals of the company.

Corporate Reorganization
Objectively analyzing a company's organization structure and making recommendations for improvement. Issues and needs are determined through interviews. Facilitation involves management in the problem solving and restructuring process, so there is group ownership of the decisions. Follow-up interviews determine if modifications are needed.

Conflict Resolution
The resolution of conflict between individuals begins with a clarification of roles and objectives. Departmental conflict resolution begins with data collection, through face-to-face interviews, to identify critical issues. Specially designed sessions aid in mutual agreements being made and follow-up processes are put in place.

Selection Hiring
Working with a company to determine, through a systematic approach, the strengths and weaknesses of potential hires and their fit within the organization.