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I have engaged Sally at 3 companies over 7 years. She is an effective executive coach who deftly handles individuals in a range of phases of their executive development. She relies heavily on personal 360 degree feedback interviews and works closely with me or the persons manager to ensure a customized development plan is put into place and executed. Clearly, executive behavior cannot change unless the individual wants it to, but Sally has a style and approach that lowers barriers to change and makes the genuine conversations happen that need to take place. Despite her gracious style, she is a no-BS straight shooter, so you know you are getting the real scoop. And if it is the me, not the executive being coached, that needs to make an adjustment, she's not afraid to say so and offer productive suggestions on how to effectively make the change.

Sally has a current engagement at our company and I will not hesitate to use her liberally in the future.

Paul L. Meissner, Ph.D. President and CEO, Santur Corporation

I have worked with Sally over the past several months, taking advantage of her executive development/coaching expertise. This was done as part of a larger effort for our company’s executive staff to improve our effectiveness as a team. The results have been outstanding.

Here are the details of how my work with Sally has improved my effectiveness as an operating/financial executive:

•  I now have a clear understanding of my personality “blind spots” as they relate to my professional effectiveness and communication. This has been a great help in working through some points of friction with my teammates.

By understanding these “blind spots” and identifying tool and techniques to overcome them, I have increased my effectiveness as a leader working with multiple functions and constituencies both within and outside the company.

By understanding the “blind spots” of other executive members, our team can now work through issues much more rapidly and concisely as much less data is lost or wasted due to poor communication.

Sally has built strong relationships with all members of our staff whom she has coached. Her style in working with me has been direct, supportive and open. Her advice is priceless. You should hire her.
William Gossman, CEO - hi5
I am struck by some unusual qualities that Ms. Wilder brings to this process. First, she is a talented listener, and is quick to separate signal from noise and to challenge thinking in the effort to arrive at truth. Second, she has an excellent understanding of human nature and reads well beyond obvious interpretations to arrive at insightful and, I believe, accurate conclusions. Third, she is able to very effectively project how this learning relates to current and future business situations, and to create a concrete action plan for improvement. This process has been extremely helpful.
Ian Smith, Vice President/General Manager - KLA-Tencor Corporation 
Sally never pulls any punches and she has an impressive way of getting to the heart of the matter in a short period of time. Her openness in communication and her commitment to the individuals she works with are unmatched. Today, I am infinitely more effective in my position. In May of 1998 our company merged with Preview Software, of Cupertino, CA. All of the coaching and each of the tools Sally provided, I used. Mergers are always extremely difficult, but I was able to use my newfound leadership skills to help unite the organizations without losing a single employee! I know, without a doubt, this wouldn’t have been possible if I’d never been given the opportunity to work with Sally Wilder. 
Frank A. Tycksen, Founder, CTO - Preview Systems, Inc.
Sally worked closely with the CEO and several VPs, me in particular. She worked diligently to determine the root cause of problems, communicate these to the individuals involved (who were sometimes in denial) and help these individuals work together to resolve them. Sally has a very approachable and non-confrontational style that helps draw information out of people and help them gain understanding of their own problems. With her coaching, I was able to set aside my own sometimes confrontational and defensive posture and to work with other team members on a one-on-one basis. She is extremely patient and will work at a problem from many angles to try to solve it.
Michel Floyd, Sc.D, Senior Technology Consultant - Preview Systems, Inc. 
She is methodical in her planning, thorough in her preparation, perceptive in her analysis, and skilled in mediating differences. She is an expert in personal and organizational behavior. As a result, I am today more effective, and more at ease in dealing with the inevitable conflicts and differences in the workplace. 
Redmond K. Sum, Director, Software Development - Lucent Technologies
 Sally has become an invaluable resource to me. In team building, career development, and individual problem solving, she has succeeded in accelerating the development of my people and my organization significantly. She has identified issues early and worked closely with me in solving them. In many cases, these issues would have been very difficult to address effectively without her expertise and support. I would strongly recommend using Wilder Consulting to any senior executive who wishes to develop the most effective competitive organization.
Don MacLennan, President & CEO - DynaChip Corporation
Sally has done Organizational Development consulting work and Executive Development for me in two different organizations. When I was CEO at Silicon Systems, Sally was extremely effective in developing good coaching and counseling relationships with several senior executives and helped turn around a deteriorating situation. Later, after I retired from Silicon Systems, I became involved in venture technology management and have been working with start-ups and early stage companies. Sally was very helpful in helping the young founders of these companies resolve the typical conflicts that occur in early stage organizations and develop healthy and realistic approaches to building a business. Sally is a very effective Organizational Development consultant and I strongly recommend her.
Alan V. King, President and CEO - Volterra
With her great combination of intelligence, intuition, warmth and wit, Sally skillfully addressed the behaviors that undermine my success as well as those which promote it. She aided me in designing a plan that was realistic and achievable, my practice has grown by leaps and bounds.
Catherine A. Curtin, Ph.D.